The 3 Aspects for a Unique and Memorable Logo Design

The logos are meant to be a symbol or sign defining a product or service. It is a special sign which company use to make their products differentiate from others and thus should be made with extreme care and after a thoughtful process. The logo design is of great importance along with the color, font and other aspects giving it a unique look. That’s why even a small shop operating on a street and a big multinational firm give emphasis on their logo to make it memorable at least in the minds of their target audience.

You can find many services offering anyone looking for a logo their required design but the process is not that simple. There are some special logo types which you can try for your product and in this blog I will try to describe 3 of them briefly for your information.

1.      Exclusion Zone in the Logo

You can direct a designer to make your logo in a way that it includes an exclusion zone around your logo, that is, an area around your logo that can’t be filled by text or other content. In this way, the logo becomes even more prominent and it can be viewed clearly without any distraction. This can be great for products displaying their logos in a limited space so that it can be viewed properly and a person straightaway recognizes your product.

2.      Using Negatively Space Aptly

A business owner can direct the person creating the logo design to make it in such a way that it uses all the negative spaces making some sort of design as well. You can take the example of the FedEx logo where the E and X makes an arrow which is viewed once you give it a second look. In this way, you can attract people towards your logo and make it a memorable one.

3.      Active or Passive Design

You can use a picture or graphic to the optimum use by asking your designer to show it in an active way. For example, a dog will look active if it’s in the mid air catching a Frisbee or moving forward while a standing dog doesn’t make much of a difference in a logo.

So try to be innovative by asking your designer to create a logo keeping above mentioned aspects in mind.


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